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Barbra Streisand // London, 1966.

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The dress that Katharine Hepburn wears in The Glass Menagerie is actually the same one she wore for the 1939 stage version of The Philadelphia Story. Designed by Valentina, Tracy Lord’s wedding dress was an elaborate affair – pink silk organza, chiffon and crepe de chine, a fusion of modern and romantic elements – and personified a contemporary Southern socialite. Hepburn saved the dress in her personal collection, and bought it out of retirement in 1973, adding a corsage and a neckpiece. Because the actress had retained her slim figure, the waist only had to be let out slightly.

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It just feels like a Céline Dion kind of night…

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People are what they are, you don’t fool anybody especially in the films where your eyes are 40 feet wide. - Barbra Streisand

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There was a lovely response to my “feeler” post as to whether people would be interested in contributing letters/notes to Maggie Smith to coincide with her birthday this December, so I went ahead and bought an album, pictures of which can be seen above (click on each for full size). The album is quite substantial in feel, with cream pages, and tissue paper between each page.

For those who may have missed the post, the idea is pretty simple; to put together an album made up of letters from fans, along side a selection of our favorite pictures of Maggie from both her theatre and film career, and maybe some photo-shoots. I’ve included a sort of “mock up” of what the pages might perhaps look like (nothing is set in stone and I am open to suggestion) - the photograph on one page and then the letter on the other. I’m also presently looking into commissioning an illustrator for a few select images for the internal first page.

As for the contributions, I think letters and notes are best; what you write is up to you though; it can be a simple “Happy Birthday”, a congratulations on her new Companion of Honour title, or something longer expressing what she means to you or why you admire her so much (the “mock up” page above is purely to show how the pages might look in terms of layout, not text length). The only stipulation is maybe try to keep it to one A4 page, but if you can’t, please let me know and I’ll see how the album is for space.

Like I said on the “feeler” post last week, I think it’s probably easier for everyone if people just email me their contributions, that way we aren’t at the mercy of the various postal services, plus in printing everything out the matter of handwriting legibility is no longer a problem (speaking as someone with a scrawl for her handwriting).

With regard to the photographs used; if people know of a specific image they like, just email me and say so, but please keep in mind that the picture needs to be HQ for printing purposes. I have a pretty good HQ collection now, so fingers crossed I’ll have most of what people suggest. If we can’t find enough images this way, I’ll make a series of posts with a selection and people can choose that way.

The only two things left to add are the contact email for sending me your contributions and picture suggestions, and the deadline.

Contact email: themaggiealbumproject@gmail.com

Deadline: November 17th, 2014 (this should allow for plenty of time to get everything printed and attached to the album, and for the album posted before the Christmas post rush)

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Barbra Streisand Photo shoots [Inspired by x x]

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Anna Kendrick live tweeting The Sound of Music Live!

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Women in Pre-Code Hollywood

During the days of silent film women were often portrayed as simple stereotypes, the ingenue, the saint, the fallen woman or the vamp, to name a few.

However during the what is now known as the Pre-Code era, the portrayal of women in film, grew from the stereotypes like the ingenue and the vamp into something more.

No longer stereotypes, these screen women had become complicated. This combination of sensuality, independence and playfulness, made them fascinating to watch and completely modern - Complicated Women (1993)

Women were shown to be independent, clever, capable and free to enjoy themselves in whatever way they chose to without consequence.

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Cinderella Pencil Test