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I just brought out my soft pastels to work with tonight, just for fun. Jesus, I forgot how difficult they were to work with. Plus they make such a mess! My room looks like a fucking cloud of rainbow dust. 

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Oh, those kids and their technology

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Two words, Lindsay Lohan. A problem to the classic Hollywood community.

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The Lord got her back for hitting the three strikes

-Pimping her Grandmammy out to sell some cookies

-Trying to Pop

-7th Deadly Sin - Pride

Learn from this!

I couldn’t laugh because you know that shit hurt. 

“Then one night something happened - dame fortune showed her face. The star got sick and I was told to go on in her place! — but she recovered. Oh well.”

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Katharine Hepburn + a bucket

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Old Hollywood Facts: FACT: Lindsay Lohan is the late love child of Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher. Before Elizabeth had her hysterectomy...


Several years ago Carrie Fisher spotted Lindsay passed out in a bar and informed her that she was her half sister and welcomed her to the family with a bump of cocaine. It was the only time they bonded because Lindsay was too erratic even for Carrie. Lindsay has finally accepted the identity of…

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Ellen in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”


The Golden Girls, Blanche Devereaux 

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The others wanted your whole heart,

 But I just want your sleeve,

 And the shirt that goes with it cuz it smells like you,

 And you know I’d like to sleep in that,

 And a vacation house at the beach,

 And a really small wedding,

 Only about 300 people,

 Did I tell you I have kids? 

 You’re gonna love ‘em,

 They’re gonna need to go to college,

 Do you like reggae?

 I love reggae,

 On Tuesday nights I like to go to tribune, 

 So that’s your night to go out with the boys and then you could…

 Is this thing on? 

I just spend about ten minutes laughing so hard at this part!